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Running for City Council October 11, 2011

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Start Local, Think Global! We hear this all the time, but how many people actually stand up and take action? My boyfriend DID?!?!?! He’s running for the upcoming city election and nominated ME to be his “Campaign Manager!” Woo-hoo, right? No, not exactly. I had no idea how much time or energy it would take to run a campaign, but we are doing it.

I never realized the importance of local elections or the value in being informed at the grassroots level, but if people had any idea how the decisions made by city management affected our lives, more people would get involved. It’s  a tough world and many of us are losing hope and faith in our leaders, which is why we need to stand up and take positive action. We may not be able to make a direct impact on the world, but we CAN make a difference in our own community.

Neither of us have any direct experience working in politics so we’re learning as we go and it’s been quite an education. Thomas is definitely not a “politician” and I’m certainly not a “politician’s wife,” but we are good people and we care about our community and everyone in it. The decision to run for local office was an individual choice, but we are a collective whole and we need to stand together and support one another in this endeavor to bring about positive change.

Taking on this kind of challenge requires all kinds of support and so I’m using my blog to reach out to fellow beings to support this incredible decision my man has made to Be the Change. Even if you’re not local or you don’t know us directly, we are still ONE and your support will absolutely make a difference. There are so many ways to accomplish this so don’t feel like you can’t. Become our fan on Facebook or send words of encouragement or donate or send positive thoughts or peaceful energy … something … anything. The power is behind the intention and collective intention is unprecedented!

I’m so proud of Thomas, as he’s a visionary and I know without a doubt he will serve his community well and he will not be swayed by the nonsense that goes on in politics. He’s taken on a lot and he has a lot of people who depend on him, but he keeps working hard because he knows he’s doing the right thing. Even under all the responsibilities and pressure, he doesn’t lose his cool nor does he seem to run out of patience. I see how selfless he is and how he still manages to find the time to bring me coffee or buy me flowers and I just want to support him in any way I can. I’m reaching out to my readers hoping they will pass this on to their friends so that we can come together collectively and share a little love!

Spread the word and help Be the Change!!!

Love, Light and SO much gratitude ~





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Go Obama!!! November 7, 2008

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I have to say I was proud to be an American after seeing the record numbers of voters hit the polls this year.  Young voters and other people who never cared to participate in the past came out and endured long grueling lines to cast their vote. I know there are cynics who would say some of these people came out and voted for the wrong reasons, but who is to judge one person’s reason over another.

I’m sure there were people who voted for Obama just because he was black and for McCain because he was white, but whatever the motive, they still came out and acknowledged their right to vote as an American Citizen, which is history in the making.

What impresses me the most is how many people came out to vote because they wanted to see a change. Whether that change meant the first African American President to be elected in to office or to see a change in the way the country was being run, people recognized something wasn’t working and wanted to do something about it. I consider this to be monumental considering how many people typically resist change and would rather be content than step out of their comfort zone.

I also think its good the new voters got what they hoped for because it meant their voices were heard. The younger generations have been screaming out for years trying to get people to listen to them and some even ended up rebelling because nobody paid them any mind. We need to start responding to what these generations have to say because it’s time we acknowledge the new energy they have to bring to the table. We need a paradigm shift in thinking if we plan on saving the planet, as it has been neglected and abused for too many years.

I remember coming home after my first trip abroad being ashamed of my country because too many Americans were living without regard for anyone else. Lives were full of greed without a lot of respect for others or gratitude for what we had just by being born an American in a free country. I attribute most of it to ignorance and lack of awareness because until you know, you don’t know, but the more people’s eyes open, the more they are responsible. The democratic voice was heard, which means our votes made a difference. It is now up to us to step up to the plate, as one man alone can’t fix the world.

The president can lead us, but he can’t free us from our ignorance. We elected a new vision, but now we must stand up and do our part, which means making peace and forgiving our enemies, respecting our fellow man, not throwing away money for the sake of spending, disposing of trash properly, relinquishing the need to control so much, not judging others, being compassionate, giving without expecting anything in return, and taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We can’t sit back and blame the government for everything wrong in this world, as we are just as much to blame. Yes, the government lent money to those who couldn’t afford to pay the loans back, but don’t you think some of those people knew they couldn’t afford them and signed the papers anyway? We can also blame the government for high health care cost, but don’t you think one of the biggest reasons the premiums are so high is because people don’t take care of themselves?

It’s not just the government. It’s you…it’s me…it’s your neighbor…its Joe the Plumber. Until we take responsibility for our own lives, we can’t point fingers or blame the leader of our country. It’s just not fair to give all that to one person. I wouldn’t want Obama’s job for anything in the world because no matter who was to blame for the state of our economy, he has a long road ahead of him. We can help shorten the road by participating and doing what we can in our own lives. It’s all for one and one for all…it’s about time we came together as a team…in the famous words of the Pledge of Allegiance…”One Nation Under God.”

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