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Peaceful Warrior – Warm Sunset September 14, 2010

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The Peaceful Warrior by AlignBetween is one of my favorite pieces of art. It hangs just above the dresser, as I want it to be the last image I see before shutting my eyes and the first reflection upon awakening. It is my path to be a peaceful warrior in the midst of our struggling economy and linear thinking culture  brimming with judgements  and intolerance. Religion, politics, and our small minded social structure has created a society of empty drones misguided by years of repression and greed.

It’s time for those with a higher expanded consciousness to step up and take charge of how we live in the world, but not in a militant harmful way where we seek to control and destroy the autonomy of others. It’s about unifying and coming together peacefully and with tolerance. When we dig deep within ourselves and fight with compassion and love and forgiveness as our tools, then and only then, will we win the war.

We give our power away, as others prey upon our insecurities and inadequacies. The Peaceful Warrior reminds us to take charge of our life and to be authentic and speak from a place of truth and inner knowing. It reminds us to let go of what other people think and live by our own moral conduct even if that means walking the path alone. The sword in the image represents the power necessary to take such a stand and the Buddha represents the compassion and peace one must have to fight with integrity. The butterflies represent change and movement and freedom in a world that is in constant flux.

Nothing stands still. Everything is moving energetically. The vibration of our thoughts and feelings ripple out to a sea of eternal life force. Being the change you wish to see in the world sets in motion a powerful transformation of healing and peace that brings freedom to our universe, our planet, and all beings.

The Peaceful Warrior is an artistic expression of how we should meet the world each and every day.  Every morning I take a moment to breathe in the peace of the compassionate Buddha holding his sword of power remaining strong and grounded amongst the dancing butterflies that remind me to keep moving, to keep growing, and to keep the internal flame burning, as I move through life with purpose and a passion to transform and heal and be the best person I can be.

I’m quite fortunate to have two pieces of AlignBetween’s art hanging on the inner space of my little haven and both pieces have profound meaning and creative talent behind them. I’m fortunate enough to know the artist and can honestly say she’s an amazing spirit with a beautiful heart. She left corporate to pursue her dream to create and share her passion. Her art comes alive, as the energy she puts behind each piece is with fervor and a love for the earth and all beings.


1. Beverly @AlignBetween - September 17, 2010

Dearest BeAnne. Thank you so much for getting inspired by my artwork and sharing such an articulate and uplifting interpretation. Although very personal to you, I couldn’t agree more with the message and I feel that it’s so insightful. You nailed it in such a beautiful way. Thank you my sweet friend, and keep writing and getting inspired because you are brave and the world needs your honest and straightforward style. Your well runs very deep :-)