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Happy!!! July 25, 2008

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Hello, hello!!! I know I’m infamous for being succinct, right? HA! Well, this post WILL be short…promise. I just wanted to share with you how happy I am and for absolutely no reason. It’s not because of a boy or an amazing job or because of something that happened yesterday or something that is going to happen tomorrow. I’m just happy…here…now…in the precious moment of today. It feels great to be this happy and for absolutely no reason at all…life is good my friends…life is good!

I’m headed off to my friend’s lakehouse, which I heard is absolutely beautiful. It will feel good to be surrounded by mother nature. I want to share my bliss and give some of that love back to our divine mother. I will wake to the birds singing and the silence of the still lake. It will be a new “now”…a new moment created. I cherish these moments as they are life. It’s not what already happened or what is about to happen…it’s about what’s happening right now so I encourage you to stop for a minute, take a slow mindful deep breath, exhale as slow as you possibly can, and just feel in to the beautiful moment that has created enough space around you to simply “be.” Be as you are…beyond thought…beyond emotion…beyond sensed perceptions…the you beyond all content.

Have a beautiful weekend and know that you are loved!!!


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