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Vacation Alone January 31, 2011

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Who goes on vacation alone? I never even thought about it until last year when I was reading the Artist Way by Julian Cameron. The book was written, as a creative tool to discover and recover the creative self. Part of the 12 week commitment was taking myself out on weekly artist dates, which, by the way, was a completely foreign concept to me.

I thought I was comfortable being alone since much of my time was spent solo, but when I really got to the guts of what she was asking, I was terrified. I was at a loss as to what to do so I spent the first 3 weeks making myself delicious home cooked meals by candlelight and taking myself to the movies (which, by the way, sucks on a Friday night if you’re single). By week 3 or 4 Julia says (and I’m paraphrasing), “… if you’re still taking yourself to the movies or making yourself a romantic home cooked meal, as your artist date, get out there and go on a “real” date … be creative and have some fun  …”

Have fun going out alone in public? Really? That didn’t sound like any fun at all. It was much more fun sulking around the house playing the abandoned victim who would never love again.  I didn’t know what to do, but the daunting task of being more creative opened up a whole new chapter in my life. My inner child awakened and I had permission to be authentic without fear of predisposed judgments.


Closer to the end of the course, she assigned us the task of writing down our dream weekend. Not knowing the next week she would actually have us carry out the big dream, I went all out! I visualized myself on the beach basking in the sun doing yoga and eating gourmet meals and sipping on vintage wine. I was reading on the beach and writing by the pool. I was sleeping in and beginning each day with a leisuring bike ride.

Determined to complete the assignment, I took myself (kicking and screaming) to Destin Beach.


I so wanted to back out, but in staying and facing my fear, I empowered myself beyond measure. I reconnected to a part of myself that was abandoned, as a child and my energy shifted to a more subtle vibration. My sense of being was awakened and renewed and it felt good to be in my body. I had confidence and strength and saw my life’s purpose in all its glory. It felt good to be me and I was proud of myself for facing a paralyzing fear and stepping in to the unknown. I was showered with abundance and joy and for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to smile from the inside.

Who knew vacationing alone could bring so much joy and clarity and insight. There’s just something about being away from distractions and not having to coordinate schedules with anyone, but yourself. Your perspectives and judgments shift, as you notice your surroundings with every sense. It’s truly a spiritual gift to travel alone, as your inner voice becomes the only voice and the wisdom that speaks to you ignites the internal flame of the mother womb and we are immediately taken back to the place within us that’s pure and beautiful.


Peaceful Warrior – Warm Sunset September 14, 2010

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The Peaceful Warrior by AlignBetween is one of my favorite pieces of art. It hangs just above the dresser, as I want it to be the last image I see before shutting my eyes and the first reflection upon awakening. It is my path to be a peaceful warrior in the midst of our struggling economy and linear thinking culture  brimming with judgements  and intolerance. Religion, politics, and our small minded social structure has created a society of empty drones misguided by years of repression and greed.

It’s time for those with a higher expanded consciousness to step up and take charge of how we live in the world, but not in a militant harmful way where we seek to control and destroy the autonomy of others. It’s about unifying and coming together peacefully and with tolerance. When we dig deep within ourselves and fight with compassion and love and forgiveness as our tools, then and only then, will we win the war.

We give our power away, as others prey upon our insecurities and inadequacies. The Peaceful Warrior reminds us to take charge of our life and to be authentic and speak from a place of truth and inner knowing. It reminds us to let go of what other people think and live by our own moral conduct even if that means walking the path alone. The sword in the image represents the power necessary to take such a stand and the Buddha represents the compassion and peace one must have to fight with integrity. The butterflies represent change and movement and freedom in a world that is in constant flux.

Nothing stands still. Everything is moving energetically. The vibration of our thoughts and feelings ripple out to a sea of eternal life force. Being the change you wish to see in the world sets in motion a powerful transformation of healing and peace that brings freedom to our universe, our planet, and all beings.

The Peaceful Warrior is an artistic expression of how we should meet the world each and every day.  Every morning I take a moment to breathe in the peace of the compassionate Buddha holding his sword of power remaining strong and grounded amongst the dancing butterflies that remind me to keep moving, to keep growing, and to keep the internal flame burning, as I move through life with purpose and a passion to transform and heal and be the best person I can be.

I’m quite fortunate to have two pieces of AlignBetween’s art hanging on the inner space of my little haven and both pieces have profound meaning and creative talent behind them. I’m fortunate enough to know the artist and can honestly say she’s an amazing spirit with a beautiful heart. She left corporate to pursue her dream to create and share her passion. Her art comes alive, as the energy she puts behind each piece is with fervor and a love for the earth and all beings.

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Wake Up and Live Your Life May 19, 2010

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I frequently refer to my life as a journey because there is no destination. I’m on a continuous path of self-discovery and transformation. I use to worry about what other people  thought of me and fell prey to expectations because I wasn’t empowered enough to know better. I finally stopped living my life as a puppeteer when I realized mainstream wasn’t really going anywhere.

Of course I knew this as a child, but when you’re young and uneducated, you have no choice, as we don’t have the same free will living under the roof of another. As we find our way out in to the world and begin to make choices that reflect our own personal values, we find a sense of independence and freedom that leads us on a journey in to our deepest self.

The problem is we are so programmed we don’t even know what our own values are or what’s important to us as individuals. There is no sense of freedom because we are trapped in the minds of our predecessors following in the steps of society as a whole. How can we live an authentic wholesome life when our spiritual growth is inhibited by our predisposed minds?

We need to wake up as individuals and start making conscious decisions based on our own life experience. The change we need to see in this world is the change within ourselves. We are walking around as victims and taking no responsibility for the suffering our ignorance has created. We have to change the under current of past conditioning and start to live in accordance of our higher selves where we make decisions consciously from a place of inner knowing. The more we understand ourselves, the more in tune with life we become because we are no longer living from a place of fear, but from a place of joy.

Once you live from a place of center,  you no longer need the false sense of security we get from following the herd of lost souls who need us to be someone other than ourselves. As we explore the depths of ourselves, we begin to heal from the past, but this process can’t begin until we stop blaming politics or religion or the actions of others and take some responsibility.

Take charge of your life and watch how differently the world unfolds. I guarantee you if you’re unhappy with someone in your life it’s because you’re unhappy with yourself so use your relationships and moments  of unrest or pain to get to know yourself better. Use others as a map to your spiritual center. Let go of what’s happening around you and get in touch with the feeling it ignites or the behavior in yourself, as therein lies the answer.

Find the gift in the argument or the compliment in the judgement or the kind in the hate. Find peace in anger and joy in sorrow. The despair will only grow darker and make you weaker so find the light and bask in your inner radiance, as the world lights up around you.

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Is Marriage Overrated? April 24, 2009

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Why do so many people think marriage is overrated? Could it be because they’ve already experienced it and no longer need or want that kind of commitment in their life or is it that they had a bad experience and don’t want to feel hurt or loss again? Whatever the reason, it truly saddens me every time I hear someone say, “Why get married?” or “Don’t get married…everything changes.”

I believe in the sacred union of two people coming together to share their life and I believe in love…the kind of love that grows deeper every day…the kind of love that makes you want to do right in your life…the kind of love that makes your heart smile every time you look at the person you love…the kind of love that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning…the kind of love that gets you through the hard times and picks you up when life gets you down…the kind of love that has no boundaries…the kind of love that enables you to trust…the kind of love that makes you want to treat someone with respect…the kind of love that is eternal and sacred in the eyes of your higher self.

I don’t necessarily believe in having one eternal soul mate because people change and grow in different directions. I think we may have several loves in our life and that it’s okay to open our hearts more than once. Divorce isn’t a bad thing and I don’t think it’s bad to be married more than once. Relationships are beautiful and they shouldn’t have to end in tragedy. It’s just a separating of ways. Take the gifts and the beautiful lessons you learned from the relationship and walk away with an appreciation of the time you spent, but don’t say marriage is overrated. Of course everything changes…you’re married…you’re committed in a way you weren’t before. You’re more intertwined spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. You’re making a serious commitment to one another, which is sacred and meaningful in so many ways.

Making that kind of change in your life is difficult and challenging, as you are no longer growing individually, but collectively with another soul. It takes two very strong people to make that kind of step in life, but think about all the growth and insight you get from sharing your life so intimately. You get the opportunity to learn about yourself on a different level, as you grow and discover things about yourself you didn’t know. The downside is that yes, you might have to sacrifice the relationship because you’re no longer compatible once you realize who you really are, but it doesn’t make it a “loss.”

Having said all that, I do believe you get to a point in life when you are so comfortable with who you are as a person that it’s possible to  meet someone and spend the rest of your life with that one person because you no longer need someone to fill a void in your life. Once you find yourself, you can experience life with another person in a whole different way, but you have to be confident in yourself and where you’re going and what you’re doing.

You have to be willing to own your own karmic baggage and not to use blame or guilt or issues to point fingers. You have to know how to communicate and be able to trust in yourself and your partner. You have to mutually respect one another and honor the relationship as something dynamic and ever changing. You have to accept your partner for who they are and not judge them or ask them to change. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and take time for yourself. It is possible and it’s not always easy, but marriage is a beautiful opportunity to fully engage with another human being on a healthy mature level. It’s magical and I don’t think it’s overrated. I think it’s fantastically beautiful!

So this is where my blog was going to end, but then I had a conversation with someone later in the evening that led me to ask the following questions:

Why get married? Why can’t you have a deep meaningful connection and level of commitment without having to legalize it by an ordained minister? Why can’t two people have a ceremonious relationship without actually having to be married?

Hmm…I don’t have an answer, but the thought of never being married makes me a bit sad. Perhaps it was always about the dream of wearing a beautiful white dress and walking down the aisle and being a princess for the day. Perhaps it was just the Cinderella fairytale I read in a book. I don’t know, but I have enough friends who are happily married to know that it’s a wonderful experience to be married to the person you love and I will not lose hope or faith in happily ever after.

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Loving Kindness June 29, 2008

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The medicine wheel in the Native American tradition symbolizes the individual journey we all must take to find our own path. Within the wheel are the 4 cardinal directions…all having their own sacred meaning within the circle. East signifies the renewal of life and is about loving kindness, which relates to the 4th chakra…the heart. The earth element associated with the East is Fire, which relates to the 3rd chakra…the solar plexus.

If you combined the beautiful energy of an open loving heart and a perfectly balanced solar plexus, you would get an extremely powerful love unsurpassed by all of mankind. The force of these two energies would be enough to heal the world because there is no greater power than love and when fueled by fire, love would multiply exponentially impregnating the entire world.

On the contrary, if you combined a closed heart and an unbalanced solar plexus, you would surface the lower emotions such as hate, worry, anger, and fear. Relationships would be impacted, feelings hurt, egos fed, and the spirit would be buried under unhealthy thoughts and emotions. 

Too many people are closed down and don’t have the capacity to love, but without love there is fear and where there is fear, there is anger. These negative emotions have a strong impact on the energetic body, as the vital life force becomes congested or depleted. Negative energy turns in to disease, but people don’t realize what’s happening until its too late so its important we cultivate more loving kindness in order to bring us back to our essential nature.

Being positive expands the heart, which produces more love and fills the entire energy body with divine light.  It takes a lot more energy to be afraid or angry at someone, but loving someone is natural. Just think of a newborn baby. Imagine him smiling up at you with inquisitive eyes that tell the story of his soul. Feel his soft tiny little fingers against the warmth of your skin. See his little toes move around with such freedom and joy. Watch his belly rise and fall with every breath…so natural and free. Feel the love radiate from within this tiny little being as you hold him close to your heart.

When we are in the presence of a child, the ego seems to escape…freeing the mind from thought, role playing and the mistaken identities associated with the material world. Children bring us to a place of bliss…pure consciousness…utter joy…a place of stillness where silence breathes…the place where when you are in that place and I’m in that place, we are one.

That is the beauty of a child…he breathes love…taking us back to that place of interconnectedness. We need to open our hearts and send out more loving kindness to the world…to our families…to our friends…to our lovers…to everyone we meet. Love and positive thoughts will heal this planet…one soul at a time.

Let us honor the East and the new beginnings that await us…let us honor the paths that brought us here to this day and the paths that will take us through tomorrow and beyond…let us honor the power that lies within each and everyone of us…let us honor our beautiful loving open hearts…om shanti!

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