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I’m a 30 something girl with a love to write. I’m not decorated with fancy degrees or credentials. I’m just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I’m girly, emotional and sensitive. I have a little inner child who loves to play. I’m happy, energetic, and silly. I love riding my mountain bike around the beautiful green earth and practicing yoga. I have Buddha statues around my home and have a regular meditation practice that keeps me coming back to the mat for more. I’m a sucker for love, hug trees, and live every day to it’s fullest. I love to camp and hike and cook on the grill.

I’m human and imperfect, but I’m authentic and my heart is full of genuine love.  I faced a lot of challenge in my life and had my heart broken a million times over. As a result, I held on to a lot of resentment and anger, but yoga helped me find another way. A gentler way. A “Peaceful Warrior” way. Teaching and practicing yoga helped me break down the walls of negative conditioning so that I could see beyond the veil of illusion and what I found was myself and so here I am just me being me.

Too many people are sleep walking through life…caught up in the mind…allowing their thoughts and emotions to control their life instead of being authentic and real. We don’t have to be perfect yogis or retreat up to the Himalayans and meditate on a mountain-top to live a life of joy. We are human and imperfect and have to function in a world where there is a tremendous amount of suffering so there’s a middle ground…a place of balance…a place where you can honor all parts of yourself while still acting in accordance with your higher self. It’s about living life consciously.

Here’s to awakening, finding freedom, and living life to the fullest …

Hugs, sunshine, & yoga bliss…

~ Conscious Yogi ~


1. Laurie Knight - September 24, 2009

Hi there,
I really have enjoyed your site so far and I plan to visit again. It’s beautiful. An inspiration you are!

Thank you,
Laurie Knight