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Love Beneath the Surface May 5, 2011

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As children, love was purely physical. Unable to take care of ourselves, we grew to depend on those who did. Love was primitive and physical, as we fought for survival.  As we began to explore our individuality, love metamorphosed in to something else. As a capitalistic society, we were self-centered and fear and control and judgment created a platform of insecurities that programed an emotional void in people. In order to feel loved and accepted, we had to meet the expectations of society.

We were the first species on the planet to have the capacity to feel and every human has the intrinsic need to be loved but the heart was never seen as more than an organ. Emotions were intolerable, as people were fighting for human rights and for the very land on which we lived. Years and years of anarchy sabotaged our ability to connect to others in a more compassionate loving way.

Most of us grew up in a very self-centered society where people didn’t know the meaning of genuine love. People were used for the sole benefit of another. Happiness existed outside the body. It was conditional and fleeting and never around for very long. Happiness was found in relationships or material possessions or fancy job titles or lavish homes.

Spending the past 12 years on the mat exploring the physical body and practicing mindfulness, I began to explore something greater than the ego, which kept me small and contained. Being more conscious meant spending less time on the merry go around of incessant thought. You can’t be in the mind and conscious at the same time so you are either in the mind or you are conscious, but you can’t be both. Consciousness is bliss. I saw the me beneath the veil of illusion. I saw the pure organic joy one can only feel in the presence of something spiritually profound.

If we continue to allow ourselves to be distracted, we will never know what it’s like to be in our bodies and we will never get the chance to meet ourselves. We are always going to be seperate from one another and we will continue to judge or blame or critize that which doesn’t meet our approval  because we are living through the filter of our mind and the the mind’s of our ancestors.

We are at a critical point in our lives. People are suffering and we have to stop self medicating through distractions and addictions. Will power and forcing ourselves to be better isn’ t the answer. We must go to the source and heal that which lives in fear and we need to focus on and cultivate the loving parts of ourselves.

Once you feel the soul’s essence, you will want to go further and further in to a place of eternal joy. It’s about being authentic and living from a place of love and having mutual respect for all beings.

Through this process of awakening to my higher self, I see people differently and view relationships on a much deeper level. I’ve grown to truly love the people in my life and not because of how they make me feel or what the relationshiop  brings to me emotinally but because  I’m finally able to see the depth of who we all are at the core of our being beyond the superficial platform we stand.

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