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Taking the “Red” Pill June 15, 2009

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Making a commitment to walk the spiritual path and be devoted to your higher self is like taking the red pill in the movie Matrix. Once you take it, there’s no going back. You can no longer claim blissful ignorance once you’ve been freed from the delusional reality you were once living. You have to be steadfast in your pursuit for happiness because you are no longer in the dark and have to be responsible and accountable for your actions. This often means being knee-deep in spiritual work, as you peel away layers of the proverbial onion and it’s not always pleasant and sometimes it’s downright painful, but it’s invaluable and feeds you in a way money can’t.

Spiritual work brings light and love and states of bliss that fill your entire being with such presence and divine awareness. The more work you do, the more you experience states of pure consciousness where life makes sense and you are right with the world. Being committed to a spiritual journey brings awareness and sense of self that fills your life with such peace and balance, as you are freed from the ego and the doom and gloom of being a mortal in this unjust world. Everyone has access to this joy, but unfortunately, many people are content with the blue pill because ignorance is bliss. Some just don’t care to do the work and I don’t blame them because there are definitely days I wish I could go back. 

The kind of joy you get from doing spiritual work doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a daily practice and takes perseverance, as some days are easier than others and you never quite know when life is going to throw you a lemon. You just have to be able to take the lemon and make lemonade and appreciate the gifts however they come. We create our reality through our intentions and actions so if there is something we need to learn, we subconsciously put ourselves in situations that teach us about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Whether it is a friend, a family member, a random stranger, a partner, or a colleague, relationships are opportunities to learn things about ourselves and grow both personally and professionally. Once you understand this, you begin to cultivate the seed of awareness and a shift begins to happen. The lessons begin to exponentially multiple as your consciousness expands because your able to see the bigger picture.

The more your consciousness expands, the more your self defeating limited ego tries to regain power by telling you stories that make you feel insecure and weak because the ego wants to keep you in a state of ignorance. It becomes an internal conflict and struggle that can be overwhelming because on one hand, you know you’re growing and learning something beautiful, but on the other hand, your ego makes you feel worthless and doubt what you know to be true.  

If you find yourself pointing fingers or placing blame on someone, take a step back and look within yourself to find the gift in the emotions you’re feeling because you’re just clearing stuff out and making space for more light to flow in your life. Relationships help you get rid of baggage that no longer serve you so don’t see arguments or challenging situations as a conflict. See them has opportunities to learn something new about yourself. Once you own your own stuff, clarity will follow and you will be one step closer to knowing your true essential nature.

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A Celebration of Life June 8, 2009

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A very dear friend of mine just lost her dad to a rare form of cancer. He battled the disease for almost 3 years and we all hoped and prayed he would pull through it, but sometimes life has other plans for us. He was a noble man who fought for his life until the bitter end and his wife dedicated every ounce of energy trying to understand the incurable disease and doing everything possible to find a treatment that would bring him back around, but the disease was too powerful. I knew there was a chance he wouldn’t make it when I first found out he was sick so I held on to hope, but sometimes hope isn’t enough.  I knew the weight it would bear on my friend and her family and the heavy grief that would follow, but there are just some things in life you can’t control and death is one of them. 

I can say that anyone who didn’t know him before knew him after, as his close friends and family did a beautiful job of capturing the greatness of his life in the eloquent eulogies spoken at his wake. He was not only a stoic man, but an incredible father, mentor, colleague, husband, partner, teacher, coach, and neighbor. He was truly an extraordinary man and accomplished both personally and professionally. He was a strong spirit who was unselfishly available for anyone who needed him. He was not a taker, but a seeker and giver and he never settled for anything less than great. His life was honored and revered in such a way that made you want to reflect on the greatness of your own life, as it’s so uncertain and we don’t have time to take it for granted or be ungrateful for all the beautiful gifts and blessings we are given. 

Nobody ever looks forward to a funeral or losing someone they love, but death is a part of life and a necessary part of the journey. In the end we just don’t know where our life will take us or how long we have to live in these delicate bodies. We can only hope that we live a long prosperous healthy life dying peacefully and without regrets because when the time comes for us to pass, we have to accept the inevitable and appreciate the life we lived.

Our death should be a true celebration of our life and not a mourning of our passing and this doesn’t mean that people won’t express their pain or sorrows in losing someone they love, but they will remember you for who you were and not what kind of home you lived in or car you drove. We don’t have time for grudges or regrets or judgments so don’t waste time or energy on things that don’t truly matter. Let go of the past and that to which you cannot change and embrace the beautiful life you are living.

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