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The Dog Whisperer Part II March 26, 2009

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I spoke to Mary Lemons last night and I highly recommend her if you are looking to spiritually connect with an animal, as she was quite a remarkable woman with incredible insight and intuition. I explained my frustrations with Killian and she helped me see things in a different light. I guess somewhere along the way, I forgot the interconnectedness of all beings…great and small. I failed to see Killian as a spirit having a soul journey just as myself, but in a different body. Once I connected to her spirit, I was able to see her as more than just an animal driving me crazy.

Killian was acting out because she was going through separation anxiety. She didn’t know where her owner was or when she was coming back or why I was there. She was confused and scared and reaching out the only way she knew so Mary’s advice was to write her a letter addressing the following points:

-Where the owner was and when she was coming back

-Why the owner left her in my care

-Why it was important for me to get some sleep

-Why it was important for her not to go potty inside

She also told me to thank Killian for keeping the house clean and for sleeping through the night. She said to thank her for sharing in the spiritual journey with me and then let her know she was safe and could come with me spiritually to my yoga classes so she didn’t feel abandoned when I left the house.

Mary explained dogs are telepathic so Killian would receive the message through the thought forms I was putting out through the letter. I sat and meditated for a couple minutes to settle my energy and then opened my heart and began to write. As I wrote, Killian curled up in a ball at my feet and fell asleep. The energy was peaceful and sweet and I felt lovingly connected to her for the first time. Just as I was finishing the letter, I started sobbing and was overcome with emotion because I realized I had become the person I swore I would never be.

As a child, I was alone and scared and wanted desperately for someone to protect me, but my mother was emotionally unavailable to me so I felt abandoned. I swore I would never make anyone feel the same and would go out of my way to be there and support anyone who needed it, yet I was doing the opposite. I wasn’t being compassionate and patient and understanding. I was allowing myself to be irritated by Killian’s whining instead of loving her and letting her know it would be okay. And it wasn’t just Killian. Reflecting back through my life, I could see a pattern of me not having time or patience to deal with anyone who appeared to be needy yet I was a needy child myself.  

The realization was quite profound and I couldn’t believe it all came through a letter being written to an animal. It was powerful, though, and I felt so much compassion and love in my heart. There was definite purpose in my stint with this dog and I was grateful for what she helped me discover. We didn’t sleep through the night, but she only got up once and it was to pee and then we both were able to go back to bed so it was an improvement. 

I can’t say Killian turned in to a perfect angel, but things definitely improved and I was able to get a little more sleep. By the end of the two weeks I knew Killian a lot better and was able to develop a relationship of trust and I ended up really taking a liking to her. At one point I even got on the floor and laid my head on her chest with my arms wrapped around her. Part of our bonding was from me opening up my heart and being more compassionate for what she was feeling, but there was also a certain amount of me needing to let her know I was the alpha energy while her owner was away. Some of her acting out wasn’t out of fear…it was just her testing my place in the order of things and so we had to get to know each other and set boundaries and it was a powerful transformation. In the end, we parted as buds and although I’m still not a “dog person,” I have a different respect and understanding for the creatures they are the spirits they embody.

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The Dog Whisperer – Part I March 25, 2009

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Not a Happy Face

Not a Happy Face

I believe it’s important to help friends out when you can so I agreed to dog sit for two weeks even though I wasn’t thrilled about it. I will never make the same mistake again, as the past week as been an absolute nightmare. Killian is a Red Doberman and quite the princess. I never thought a dog could invoke such strong emotions, but she has thoroughly tried my patience.   

I love animals yet I’m not really a “dog person” because I’ve never had the chance to bond with them. We owned two dogs when I was a child and I loved them dearly, but I never had the chance to connect with them as a pet-owner because they were not allowed inside the house unless it was below zero or pouring rain and even then they were sequestered to the garage. I remember many days sitting in the dirt in the back yard telling my dogs how much I loved them and how sorry I was to see them unnecessarily chained and condemned like wild animals, as their energy felt sad and it weighed heavy on my heart to see them so dejected. 

Because of my limited experience of being a pet owner, I didn’t realize dog sitting would be so challenging. Killian is driving me absolutely crazy and I don’t know what to do. She won’t sleep at night and walks around in circles whimpering, which is absolutely maddening. She won’t go to the bathroom when I let her out, but then poops on the floor when I leave.  She mangled my Oakley sunglasses, which had sentimental value and couldn’t be replaced. She won’t listen and I keep talking to her like she’s a human thinking she will eventually get it, but she keeps acting out. She has food and water and I let her out several times a day yet she still whines through the night. I tried putting her in bed with me, but she woke me up every couple hours and annoyed me to no end. She would stand up, walk around in circles and then plop herself down on top of me with a loud sigh. One night she even jumped up with her big monster bone in her mouth and decided she wanted to play and I ended up getting whacked in the face with it.

I’m mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and don’t know what to do. I’m frustrated and irritated with her behavior and have lost all patience. I’m at an absolute loss and still have another week to go, but my mom is trying to get me in touch with the animal healer she worked with back in November so I’m hoping she can help.

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The Energy of a Smile March 23, 2009

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The other day I was walking down a sidewalk in a shopping plaza feeling a bit down when this woman came walking out of a store, looked in my eyes and said, “hello” with a great big smile. Natural instinct had me smiling back, as my heart blossomed with a sense of peace. I didn’t even know this woman, yet her radiant spirit and warm smile completely turned my day around. Who knew something as simple as a smile could have made such a profound impact? 

I wanted the whole world to feel the same so I spent the rest of the day trying to share the love, but was not met with the same enthusiasm.  Most of the people I tried to smile at looked away before I even had a chance. The person either consciously chose to look in another direction or they were too lost in thought to even notice me, but that’s the society we live in. There’s so much mental chatter going on in our heads, we end up missing the journey because we’re so caught up in the daily grind of life and living.

I expect people in a busy metropolitan city to avoid eye contact, but not out in a beautiful park on a gorgeous day. There were tons of people, but most of them were missing the beauty around them, as the to-do list and responsibilities were being calculated behind the sea of blank stares. I just wanted to get everyone out of their head and in to the present moment by saying, “HEY! Look at this amazing day. Isn’t it beautiful?”

A lot of people looked unhappy, which was fine, as we all have bad days. Everyone experiences the full spectrum of emotion, but not everyone comes back to a place of settled peace, as some people’s normal emotional state is unhappiness. From there, they may experience joy, but then they go back to feeling down again. Why can’t we feel comfortable resting in a state of peace and happiness and from there experience the other lower emotions?

As the economy continues to worsen, more and more people are losing hope so we really need to open our hearts and breathe more compassion in to the world. We need to stay connected and present to those around us so if you see someone having a bad day and perhaps experiencing something other than joy, then perhaps you could share a little love by smiling at them. It’s a simple gesture, but one that is sacred and could make a difference in some one’s life so don’t think twice about it.

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